myTEQ Computer Shop in BourneWelcome, myTEQ is computer retail, repair, software & website development company. At myTEQ we are always refining the format of our business, while at the same time delivering a fantastic experience and level of service to our customers.

It's our primary goal to offer a really simple option, should you find yourself in a situation where your family or business computer becomes unreliable, breaks down or is damaged through an accident, we want to help! Our Expert team is capable of fixing pretty much any problem, in store or on-site, this means a fast solution when you need it most.

Our staff, collectivley, have more than a decades experience in computer repairs, software development and much much more. Feel free to call us anytime should have any questions that you need answering.

So if your looking to have your computer repaired in bourne, look no further, we're waiting to help.

the myTEQ Team